Libbey's stay on the auction block a brief one

Libbey High alumni are still hopeful about the future of the school. / File photo

The shuttered Libbey High School campus was put up for auction with a minimum bid of $395,000.

Attorney Keith Wilkowski, supervised the auction proceedings and began by asking if there was anyone who wanted to make the minimum bid of $395,000. Hearing no takers, Mr. Wilkowski brought the proceedings to a quick conclusion, which was a disappointment for Jim Gant, Chief Business Manager for Toledo Public Schools.

"I am a little bit disappointed, I was hoping we would get an offer for the building but we didn't," Gant said.

Barring a miracle, the school will likely be demolished within the next couple of months. "We should be starting the abatement in the next couple of weeks and the demolition will happen next month or so," Gant said.

However, some Libbey alumni remained focused and determined to keep the building standing. Sue Terrill of the Class of 1966 refuses to admit defeat.

"Absolutely not, we think there is still time to promote the sale of this building which would really help our community," Terrill said.

Libbey High School opened in 1923. In spring 2010, the Board of Education for Toledo Public Schools voted to close the school in order to help reduce a multi-million dollar budget deficit. Board member Brenda Hill originally voted to keep Libbey open, but switched her vote when the May 4, 2010 levy was rejected. Hill says it is time to move on.

"The building is brick and mortar and I know that there are a lot of memories and a lot of emotions but sometimes we have to keep the memories and let the buildings go," Hill said.