Licensing your dog is Ohio law

Pet identification tags your dog needs to be registered.

It is Ohio law to have your dog licensed. Although 10,00 licenses have been sold or renewed already this year, there are still plenty of people who need to register their animals.

The Lucas County Auditor and The Andersonâ??s teamed up for a second day on Sunday, January 12, to help make sure your dog is licensed. The event is being held inside The Andersonâ??s locations in Toledo and Maumee until 4 p.m.

â??It is extremely important to license your dog,â?? said Wendi Rutkowski, the Director of Licensing at the Lucas County Auditors Office. â??It is the best benefit in getting your dog returned to you if it ever gets lost or is picked up by the dog warden. We can find the tag number and get the dog back to you,â?? Rutkowski said.

There are three different registration options. A one-year license costs $25, a three-year license costs $75, and a permanent license costs $250.

Each year there are around 64,000 dog licenses that are sold around the Toledo area. Pet owners who have not yet licensed their animal, could get a free $15 gift card from The Andersonâ??s if the owner registers at one of the locations from Sundayâ??s event.