Light snow Thursday night despite increasing temps

Well folks, itâ??s finally over. The bitterly cold air that has been locked in place this week will be history as we head into Thursday afternoon. Temperatures will still be below average, topping out in the mid 20s, but that will feel quite warm in comparison to the subzero temps from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Clouds will gradually increase as we go through the day Thursday as our next weather maker approaches. You can expect some light snow for Thursday evening, mainly between the hours of 6 and 11 p.m. This will not be a huge storm, with accumulations expected to be less than an inch across our area. But it will add another thin layer of snow to the snow pack already on the ground. The good news is that the snow is associated with a warm front, and temperatures will actually be rising tonight, from the 20s into the low 30s by Friday morning. The bad news is that thereâ??s a chance the Northern Lights will reach the Great Lakes region Thursday night, but the clouds associated with this disturbance may keep us from being able to see the Aurora Borealis.

While most of the organized precipitation will be gone by Friday a.m., there will be a chance for some spotty freezing drizzle/mist adding a very thin layer of ice in some spots. But temperatures finally get above freezing by Friday afternoon, just in time for our next storm system that will bring rain Friday night and Saturday morning. The rain and warmer temps will lead to rapid snow melt, and weâ??re still monitoring possible flood concerns. The National Weather Service is keeping an eye on the Maumee River for possible flooding, so if you live by or have interests by the river, make sure to keep a close track of the forecast the next couple days.