Lights out for red light cameras in Northwood

The Northwood city council has voted not to renew the contract with the company that operates the city's red light cameras. The contract with Redflix Traffic Systems of Phoenix expired on April 23. Since then no traffic citations have been issued. Council voted this past Wednesday not to renew the contract. The tally was 4-3. Northwood Police Chief Thomas Cairl was in favor of the cameras because they reduced accidents at the busy intersections of Lemoyne/Woodville and Oregon/Wales. "I've always said that it was a voluntary system; if you stop for the red light and don't speed you don't get a ticket," Chief Cairl said.

The cameras have generated just over $1 million in revenue for Northwood since they were installed in 2005. Two previous votes to renew the contract with Redflix passed by 4-3 votes. Chief Cairl says he has formally requested Redflix to remove the devices.