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      Lines forming for Black Friday deals

      Y ou know it's the holidays when you see tents already outside of area stores.

      A lot of the people outside of the Best Buy on Monroe Street in Toledo are hoping to catch some very big deals such as a big screen television advertised for $179.00, "yeah it's a good deal for us to be out here in the cold cause I'd rather be at home," explains Celeste McCoy.

      McCoy and others will spend the night and their thanksgiving in tents. T o keep themselves sane , some dive into to some food, while others play football.

      B ut not everyone is braving the cold and a hard sidewalk just for fun , "our house got robbed on Thursday and we just got to get some new stuff like our TV's and X boxes," says Seienty McCalin.

      S he'll be joined by a lot of people hoping to get their hands on the same thing. T hat's why Best Buy is already trying to keep things organized with signs designating where early shoppers should camp.

      Best Buy plans on opening their doors at midnight on Friday.