List: Highest paying jobs with most time off

With the state of the economy, many are finding themselves in search of a new career.

A list put out by 24/7 Wall St. listing the jobs that pay the most and feature the most time off may sway your decision if you are looking to re-brand yourself and pursue a new career.

Some may not seem like a big surprise, like Pilots and Psychologists. But others on the list may raise an eyebrow or two.

Librarians, for example, work an average of just over 1800 hours per year...and have a median income of around $55,000. As the article states, "Nearly half of librarians (63,000 out of the 148,000 positions) work in elementary, middle, and high schools. This means that their schedule is limited to the morning to mid-afternoon on school days, and rarely in the summers."

And teeth has its advantages. According to the story, "The position pays well, nearly $35 per hour. This salary is quite substantial for the low stress, light hours and relatively easy certification. The most appealing part of the position is the fact that dental hygienists earn full-time wages while working more than five hours less per week than the national average."

Read more: The Highest Paying Jobs With The Most Time Off - 24/7 Wall St. Did any of the positions on the list surprise you? Are you re-tooling for a new career? Would any of the jobs on this list sway you into considering a different career?