Little support on city council for funding cuts to shelters

On Tuesday afternoon Toledo city council heard testimony from the Bell administration and the public about funding proposals for city shelters. Some of Toledo's homeless shelters are upset that they are being given less money this year than they were given last year. Renee Palacios, executive director of Family House, the largest family shelter in Toledo is receiving $82,000 less than last year. "I was shocked, I was really shocked because we were repeatedly told by the administration of the city of Toledo and council that if funds were cut from some areas we would be able to get the monies from other areas and when I received our recommendation letter it was clear that did not happen," Ms. Palacios said.

Lourdes Santiago, director of the Department of Neighborhoods ,withstood withering cross examination from council members and made it clear that the funding decision was final. "HUD( Housing & Urban Development) has come out with regulations that we have to abide by and that was factored into the process," Ms. Santiago explained. The Emergency Solutions Grant had a value of $610,343. The disbursements to selected shelters are as follows:

Beech House: $52,000

Catholic Charities: $29,000

Family House: $168,000

Harbor House: $21,000

YWCA: $19,000

Councilmembers Steven Steel and D. Michael Collins said that they would offer ammendments to the administration's proposal , the purpose of which is to restore the funding cuts. A vote on the funding to shelters is scheduled for Tuesday, July 3.