Live Asian carp seized at Ambassador Bridge

DETROIT (AP) - Two shipments of live Asian carp have been stopped this year at the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit andWindsor, Ontario, in Canada.

The Detroit Free Press reports Saturday that Canadian officials said the shipments weighed about 9,400 pounds.

About 6,800 pounds were seized Wednesday, while 2,600 pounds were found Jan. 9. The newspaper reports that live Asian carp can't be possessed in Canada or legally shipped across state lines in the U.S. Bighead and silver carp were imported decades ago to cleanse Southern fish farms and sewage treatment lagoons of algae, but they escaped into the Mississippi River and have migrated northward.

Scientists say if the carp gain a foothold in the Great Lakes, they could damage the region's $7 billion fishing industry by starving out native plankton-eating fish.