Local agencies join nationwide manhunt for Facebook killer

An electronic billboard displays information about suspected killer Steve Stephens near Detroit Metro Airport. (Jim Nelson/WNWO)

The hunt for accused killer Steve Stephens has intensified.

"Our reach is now bascially all over this country," said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams.

Stephens uploaded a video to Facebook on Sunday that appears to show him approaching 74-year old Robert Godwin before opening fire.

Godwin died as a result of the shooting.

A manhunt ensued.

"He could be nearby, he could be far away. Anywhere in between," said FBI Special Agent Stephen Anthony.

"We're definitely on the lookout in case he comes into Michigan," said Lt. Dave Shaw of the Michigan State Police.

He says troopers have been instructed to keep an eye out for Stephens, who was once thought to have possibly entered the state -- though no confirmation was ever made.

On Monday, investigators said there are no credible tips as to his whereabouts.

"This is the type of guy you need to get off the streets immediately," said Lt. Shaw. "So our troopers are looking for him while they're conducting their daily business."

The public is being told not to approach Stephens should they come into contact with him -- instead they're being told to dial 911 immediately.

On Sunday, Ohio Governor John Kasich said all of the Ohio State Highway Patrol's resources would be available if needed.

"It's kind of like an Amber Alert," said Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp, who says deputies are being reminded of the situation at the beginning of their shifts.

Back in Cleveland, Chief Williams is pleading for a resolution.

"We're still asking Steve to turn himself in, but if he doesn't, we'll find him," he said at a briefing Monday afternoon. "We're not going to stop until he's in custody."

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