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      Local businesses return to "normal" after water crisis

      Now that Toledoâ??s water crisis is officially over businesses across the Glass City are celebrating getting back to work.On Tuesday, restaurants in the downtown district eagerly welcomed a lunch crowd after a weekend of lost profits.Across town at the Toledo Zoo full operations have been restored after it was forced to shut down early Saturday.

      Director of the zoo's public relations Andi Norman says the water crisis was particularly tough because each day about a thousand gallons of water could be used for animal consumption alone.

      Perhaps the hardest hit Toledo business is one of its most legendary. Last Friday, longtime Toledo restaurant Tony Packoâ??s was forced to close after a semi-truck crashed into the building. But according to owner Tony Packo, Jr., that was just the tip of the iceberg. â??We then turn around Saturday to find out we can't open because we don't have water,â?? he said.Packo says due the water crisis up to 200,000 dollars in sales were lost between his five locations. Despite the losses Packo says heâ??s glad the crisis didn't last long-- and that when it was over --loyal customers were waiting. He says he just hopes this week goes a little more smoothly.