Local car dealerships see sales on a roll

Auto sales are on a roll - and it's not just nationally. Local dealerships are also enjoying better numbers. Charlie's Dodge in Maumee new car sales manager, Ken Millen, says Chrysler sales around the Toledo area were up around10% across the board in March. That's compared to sales from last March.

Cold March temperatures kept some consumers off the lot, but with spring and summer on the way, Millen expects things to get even better. "You get a lot of cabin fever. People get out and about and people certainly like when it's nice and comfortable, they want to come out and walk to lot and look around a little bit," said Millen. "Our floor traffic probably within the next week or two - it'll really start taking off."

The take off is good news for consumers, too, especially those who have been waiting on a new ride.

"There's a lot of pent up demand out there because of the fact that a lot of people held off the last few years. Based on they may have bought back in '07-'08 and then they put it off," said Millen. "They usually have a trade cycle that might be 3-4 years, and they're coming in now."

The sales manager also adds that better loans from the bank have helped his team put customers in the cars they want. "We're getting people that the banks are considering that they weren't considering before," said Millen. "So I think what we're seeing is that customer coming out and we can help them out now."

He says Charlie's Dodge projected a strong 2013, and has since increased their inventory and number of team members.