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      Local Catholic Leaders react to new Pope

      White smoke over the Sistine chapel signaling a Pope was chosen was a moment everyone was waiting for around the world, and in Toledo.

      A s the new leader for the Catholic Church debuted eyes were glued to TV screens, "I was kind of nervous," says Bishop Leonard Blair.

      B ishop Blair of the Diocese of Toledo describes how many feel about the moments leading up to the moment when Pope Francis the I was elected.

      H e becomes the first papal leader from Latin America. A break in tradition for a church based known for it's tradition.

      " T he America's have come of age in the life of the universal church and so this represents a new perspective. Obliviously we're all one in the basic faith of the Catholic Church, but we also bring our particular culture and background," says Bishop Blair.

      C ardinal Jorge Bergoglio has practice for most his life. The 76 year old Jesuit has spent a priest since 1969 and has held a variety of leadership roles most recently as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

      " M ore than ever in our church today, we need to continue that spirit of reconciliations and calm. the pope illustrated today that he's very humble, before he blessed, he asked for a blessing , " says Sister Mary Jon Wagner of the Sisters of St. Francis.