Local charity ran a free four day health clinic in Haiti

Missions International of America makes trips to Haiti four or five times a year and a handful of doctors and nurses is always part of the team. Those visits are usually the only opportunity for residents of Savanette, Haiti to receive any medical attention. As the team arrived at the clinic on the morning of the first of four days, Dr. Sue Leatherman observed that dozens of villagers had already assembled outside the clinic doors. "Oftentimes the first day we have a lot of chaos, some pushing and shoving with people worried that they might not be seen," Dr. Leatherman said. Everyone who stood in line on day one was seen and over the course of the four days over 350 people were seen by Dr. Leatherman and Dr. Barry Cash. Over 100 people were seen by the team's volunteer dentist Dr. Ted Barnett.

Cathy Breen of Toledo, was a member of the team that came to the Savanette last March. She has noticed that there were not as many sick people this year as there were last year. "People have the same illnesses that we have back home, a lot of people down here have a lot of hypertension because they don't get enough nutrition and clean drinking water," Ms. Breen said.

Missions International of America was founded in 2002 by Dr. Jay and Mrs. Jan Nielsen of Perrysburg. The mission operates the Brad Reddick School in the Savanette, where 300 students in K-6 receive a quality education free of charge. For more information about Missions International of America, visit their website at