Local companies prepare for possible storm damage


ome local organizations are stepping up to help possible hurricane victims.
Local organizations like ISOH/ Impact are getting ready for the impact that Hurricane Sandy is set to bring to millions of people.


organization is using buckets and filling them up with lots of essentials such as food, cleaning and hygiene utensils, even pet food, "of course we pack everything in buckets. It makes it easier so that when people get it we can hand it off and they can see what's in the bucket and I think it's a pretty big issue that's going on," explains Linda Greene, President of ISOH/ Impact.

Greene adds th

organization is in the early stages of preparing for this storm. But there's going to be a lot more that there doing to prepare. And that's where you come in, they say they need lots of volunteers to give them a hand as well as monetary donations.

If you want to help, go the ISOH/ Impact's website