Local dentist's invention experiences success

Dr. Stephen Branam has been a practicing pediatric dentist for over 3 decades. He has been endeavoring for most of those years to combat childhood tooth decay. "Only 1.6 percent of dentists in America treat children under 5, so it's just a small number of us treating the number one childhood disease in America," Dr. Branam said.

Dr. Branam has invented a number of products that are designed to promote good oral hygiene. His signature invention The Gibby is a device intended to replace the pacifier that most parents give their children. Dr. Branam is of the opinion that pacifiers are devastating to child oral health. "The bottom line is the pacifier does more damage than sucking a thumb," Dr. Branam said.

The Gibby is selling in 600 stores nationwide. Locally it can be found at Walt Churchill stores in Perrysburg. Starting next week Claudia's Health Food store on Secor Road in Toledo will be selling the product. For more information on Dr. Branam's products log onto his website