Local doctor talks about in-vitro fertilization

Dr. John Murphy

The case of a Sylvania Township couple who recently learned that the wrong embryo was implanted in the wife has gained national attention.

Carolyn and Sean Savage appeared on NBC's "Today Show" to talk about how Mrs. Savage's fertility doctor implanted the wrong embryo.

Dr. John Murphy of the Fertility Center of Northwest Ohio, who is not connected with the Savage case nevertheless offers the opinion that the implanting of an embryo into the uterus of the wrong woman is extremely rare. "While it's happened previously it is certainly a rare event ;it would probably be classified as one of those one in a million events," Dr. Murphy said.

Dr. Murphy says there are a number of procedures done at his clinic to prevent an embryo mistake. "Embryos are meticulously labeled so that embryos are attached to the appropriate parents and the human component of handling the embryos is checked by more than one person," Dr.Murphy said.