Local doctor to travel overseas to help hearing impaired

For audiologist Randa Mansour-Shousher, hearing is her passion. Which is why four years ago when she heard about the hundreds of children living in the Middle East and suffering from hearing loss, she knew she had to help.

Next month Shousher, and nine other volunteers will travel to Jordan, delivering hearing aids and treatment to roughly 500 children. Most of who suffer from hearing loss due to the raging conflict in the west bank.

Shousher says most of those that she helps reside in refugee camps; safe from bullets and mortars but, still suffering through the after effects, making her work, that much more crucial.

â??some of those children haven't heard anything and it will bring tears to your eyes when you see how the parents respond and how the children respond to the parentsâ??

But while Shousher says the need is great overseas, she admits thereâ??s still plenty of work to be done right here in Northwest Ohio.

According to Shousher most insurance companies don't cover the cost of hearing aids.

And with a pair ranging in average price of 2500 to 6000 dollars , they can often become an overwhelming expense for working class families.

Which is exactly why the Northwest Ohio hearing clinic is partnering with hear-care connection, a program that collects used hearing aids to be refurbished and reused for those who need it the most.

â??our goal is to expand the services that we do here locally my personal goal is to start a charity program here for people that fall through the cracksâ??

Shousher says there may never come a time when the hearing needs of those overseas and at home are fully met but for now she's happy to be making a difference one person at a time.

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Or call 419-383-4012