Local food bank needs your help for the holidays

This food bank looks full, but this stuff flies off the shelves in no time. / Joe Galli

The Toledo Northwest Ohio Food Bank is looking for more donations for the upcoming holidays. They are looking for food donations, monetary donations and even for people to donate their time.

The holiday season takes a large toll on the supplies at food banks nation wide. "We are really looking for canned foods this time of year," said Barbara Grandowicz the Director of Operations for the Toledo Northwest Ohio Food Bank.

According to their website The Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank Inc. was founded in 1984 to solicit, collect and store donations of surplus food and grocery products from all segments of the food industry, as well as solicit and collect monetary donations for the purchase of food products.

Then serve as clearinghouse for these foodstuffs for agencies, such as food pantries and day care centers that feed the hungry throughout the region, providing them access to wholesome food. Those qualified agencies distribute the collected foodstuffs to the hungry in Northwest Ohio.

If you are in need of some help or you want to donate you can call them at 419-242-5000 or go to their website. All you need to give is your Zip code and they can direct you where you can go to get a meal.

What are some of the ways you donate for the holidays? Is it important for you and your family to give to those who are less fortunate during the holiday season? Sound of down below in our comments section.....