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      Local Food Banks seeing increased demand as a result of cuts in food stamp benefits

      It has been nearly a week since benefits to food stamps were cut to millions of people across the country and in our area.

      But people who get the assistance aren't the only ones, being impacted. Food banks are now taking the hit.

      The Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank tells WNWO they're seeing more of the soup kitchens and daycare centers relying more on the food bank to get people fed.

      "We're having more of our agencies are coming in receiving product through our programs. So they're coming down more frequently and picking up quite a few product than they have in the past," explains Bernice Toney, with the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank.

      The agencies served by the food bank are taking more food to give to their clients because stimulus money that boosted food stamp benefits for the last four years ran out Sunday night. That means a mother of two is getting $29 dollars less a month, and a family of four is losing $36 dollars a month.

      Food bank officials say despite the strain they're feeling, they remain committed to getting food out to those in need.LEARN MORE: Affordable Care Act FAQ