Local gay rights groups discuss marriage ruling

<font size="3">For groups like Toledoâ??s Pride Center 419, the ruling is a cause for celebration.</font>

Local gay rights groups are celebrating after a federal judge ruled Ohio must legally recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

David Mann and Equality Ohio have been fighting for gay rights for years. Judge Timothy Blackâ??s ruling means a victory in that fight.

â??All the routine things that people take for granted, same-sex couples will now be able to take advantage of,â?? Mann said.

The Family Research Council is already speaking out against the ruling, which the Ohio Attorney General plans to appeal. Senior Fellow Ken Blackwell said in a statement after the ruling:

â??Judge Timothy Black has decided to sidestep the expressed and established will of the people and has assaulted their views by judicial fiat.â??

If the stateâ??s appeal is unsuccessful, same-sex partners could gain the right to make certain medical decisions for their spouse or list their names on a childâ??s adoption certificate.

For groups like Toledoâ??s Pride Center 419, the ruling is a cause for celebration.

â??Itâ??s hugely a step in the right direction, and I think weâ??re all pretty excited to see the forward motion,â?? Pride Center 419 Director Lexi Staples said.

Equality Ohio and Pride Center 419 both have their sights set on the same goal: getting gay marriage on the ballot in Ohio.

Ohio voted overwhelming to ban gay marriage ten years ago.