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      Local grocery store manager says bottled water sales still high

      TOLEDO -- A manager of the The Andersons grocery store in Maumee says the storeâ??s still selling more bottled water than usual in the wake of the recent water emergency.

      Food Market Manager Dave Bushek says customers and employees have told him theyâ??re avoiding tap water. â??They walk up and say, have you heard about the water? Is it going to happen again?â?? Bushek said. â??And, of course, I donâ??t know. They say, well, Iâ??m still not drinking the city water yet. So they grab their case and go on.â??

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      Maumee Resident Melinda Weber picked up a case of water from the Maumee store Monday. She says sheâ??s been sticking to bottled water over the past two weeks. â??I just donâ??t trust that Iâ??m going to drink it yet,â?? Weber said. â??They show pictures from space and stuff like that, and I just donâ??t trust it yet.â??

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      At a meeting Monday evening, Public Utilities Director Ed Moore reiterated that the treated water is safe to drink.

      Bushek expects the current sales spike to wane as time goes on.

      â??Cases have slowed down quite a bit,â?? he said. â??But the gallons are probably strong as ever.â??

      Weber says sheâ??s not sure when sheâ??ll start drinking tap water again. For now, sheâ??s only using it for laundry and showering.