Local lawyer, feds appeal for tips in 2011 car bombing

<p> <font size="2">Officials with the ATF display a replica of the device they say was used in the 2011 explosion. </font> </p>

Federal agents and a Monroe-area attorney have made a new public appeal for information that could solve a 2011 car bombing that injured the lawyer and his two sons.

Erik Chappell thanked agents for their work on the second anniversary of the attack in Monroe, near the Ohio-Michigan border. Senior firearms agent Daryl McCrary says there are persons of interest but no arrests have been made.

The bombing occurred while Chappell and his boys were riding in their Volvo in Monroe. He practices law in Michigan and Ohio.

Agents on Friday displayed a model of what the pipe bomb may have resembled. They believe it was activated by remote control, probably by someone who watched the explosion.

Chappell believes many people may have information. There's a $20,000 reward.