Local politics get dirty: Postcard says candidate 'lied'

The political race for the position of Lucas County Recorder is getting dirty.

While attack ads may now be common place in campaigns, the local candidate that would stand to gain from recent accusations made in a post card spoke out against the attack on Wednesday.

Republican George Sarantou says he first learned of the postcard when he received it in the mail and was "appalled at what [are] unfounded accusations".

The postcard says in part "Phil Copeland Lied...He doesn't even have a GED. He hasn't even graduated from high school but he wants to be Lucas County Recorder?â??

During an interview with WNWO, Copeland was quick to assure voters that the assertions in the postcard are not true and provided documentation he passed his GED test in July 1976.

"I know it's a lie. My family knows itâ??s a lie," Copeland said.

During a press conference, on Wednesday, Sarantou made sure to distance himself from the attack.

"This postcard did not come from anyone with my campaign for County Recorder. That includes the Lucas County Republican Party leadership, who I immediately questioned about this postcard and like me have no idea of the origin," Sarantou said.

Where the postcards came from may never truly be known but whether or not the assertions made in it will have any impact on the election remains to been seen this November 6th.

Both Sarantou and Copeland currently serve on Toledo's City Council but are barred by term limits from running for that office again.

Sarantou says both he and Copeland have always run clean campaigns.