Local professor weighs in on Syrian conflict

Pressure for U.S. intervention in Syria is at an all time high. WNWO talk to Bowling Green State University professor about a peace and treaty program.

WNWO talked to Professor Marc Simon who is an associate professor and coordinator of the peace and treaty program.

â??There's no real easy solution to this problem." Simon said.

Simon said the costs of a U.S. intervention could be expensive, unlike most Middle Eastern countries Syria that have a strong air defense system and its allies in Hezbollah and Iran. The Obama administration declared the use of chemical weapons a "redline', but the U.S. can not afford to go back on its word.

NBC news reported a handful of U.S. destroyers present in the region. A U.S. strike could come as early as Thursday. Simon said the attack could be more symbolic, than an attempt to cripple the Syria's Prime Minister Bashal al-Assad regime.

Simon said an attack can increase casualities. Simon believes thereâ??s one resolution and it doesn't involve the use of weapons. SImon told WNWO.

â??The only way these things end is not through military victory its generally through a political settlement and that's what's going to have to happen here," Simon said.