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      Local runners train for Boston Marathon

      A group of about twenty runners from Toledo will head to next weekâ??s Boston Marathon. Some of them were there for the tragic bombing a year ago.

      Second Sole shoe store manager Matt Folk has been organizing training sessions for the group near his store. This will be his first Boston Marathon, but heâ??ll be joined by three friends who ran last year.

      He says theyâ??re running to show support for everybody that was impacted by the bombing.

      â??To still show your support for running and that youâ??re going to do what you love to do,â?? Folk said.

      Not everyone can make it to the East Coast for the marathon, so theyâ??re jogging here in town with Boston bombing victims in mind. Runners at the Wolf Creek YMCA are pushing harder in honor of the lives lost a year ago.

      â??Unfortunately thereâ??s people that arenâ??t getting to enjoy what we still enjoy,â?? Wolf Creek jogger Brian Koval said.

      Folkâ??s group is looking into the added security measures at this yearâ??s marathon. Heâ??s confident heâ??ll be safe on Monday.