Local South Korean nationals concerned about crisis

Su-Pan Kang moved to the United States from South Korea in 1968. He eventually established his own medical practice and has since retired and is living in Maumee. Kang's five sisters still live in South Korea and he talks to them on a regular basis. He and they are concerned about this latest round of saber rattling from the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. "There is concern because he is young and inexperienced and is not considered a reasonable person," Mr. Kang.

Jinah Chun spoke to WNWO as she exited a Korean restaurant on West Laskey Avenue. Just yesterday she spoke with he mother in South Korea. "I asked her if she was okay and she said yes and that she was preparing to go on vacation with her friend," Ms. Chun said.

On Tuesday North Korea urged foreign companies and tourists in South Korea to leave. The White House said the statement was "unsettling" but stopped short of oerdering Americans to leave South Korea.