Local Storm Chasers haul in great Twister video

A crew of local storm chasers do it for the love of weather and the thrill of the hunt. On their own time and dime a crew of six local guys took off for Tornado Alley as the set-up for a tornado outbreak looked very promising at least a week in advance.

I've done a lot of storm chasing and can attest to what a crap shoot it can be... many times you will spend days on end looking for that elusive twisting rope of destuction and never see a thing. That certainly didn't happen to Brandon Copic and crew as you can see in this video captured by the OhioStormChasers.

There is also some very cool satellite imagery provided by NASA that shows the development of an incredible number of Supercells that formed the Great Plains tornadoes of April 14 - 15, 2012 (135 tornado reports over the two days!) here: