Local team of doctors and medical personnel to help typhoon victims

<font size="2">WNWO<font face="Times New Roman"> will follow the doctors and bring updates on their journey.</font></font>

The typhoon that slammed the Philippines is gone, but the destruction remains. Local Toledoans are doing their part to help the victims, and not just from afar.

Twelve local physicians and medical personnel will travel to the Philippines to help aid typhoon victims. On Wednesday, Volunteers packed medicine, medical supplies, personal hygiene products, and food, which will be delivered to people in need.


rganizer Dr. Antonio Paat tells WNWO, medical missions like this are not the first for him.

"We've been doing medical missions for the past 20 years. We have gone to four disaster areas. So we know what they need, and especially in the Philippines, totally devastated," explained Dr. Paat.


he 12 doctors and medical personnel will fly out today and land in manila before finally heading to the village of New Washington, Philippines. WNWO will follow the doctors and bring updates on their journey.

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