Local team of doctors and volunteers go to help Syrian refugees

Hearing Aids

PERRYSBURG, OHIO (WNWO) - With all the violence and political unrest in Syria many people find themselves wishing that they could help. However, one local group of doctors decided to take it a step farther and actually *go* help.and their flight leaves tomorrow.This will be at least the 7th trip Dr. Randa Mansour-Shousher and her colleagues have taken to Jordan. Not for fun, but to bring the gift of hearing to refugees.

Dr. Mansour-Shousher explained, "we are finding that those Syrian Refugees have either hearing loss from lack of medical treatment, or from the bombing."

She is part of a team from the Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic --composed of 12 audiologist and 21 volunteers -- who will be offering free hearing screenings to refugees. They also have 380 hearing aids to give to children. All the supplies were either donated or purchased with money from the group's fundraisers.

Dr. Mansour-Shousher says these hearing aids can change a child's life. "Speech and language is the global language around the world, and, if they don't learn it, they're never going to be successful. We need to be able to provide them the link to hearing"

Unfortunately not every child 's hearing can be corrected.

She recalled many times the children touched her heart, but two young girls really stood out to her. "The saddest case that I have seen... were twin girls that were left behind by their father because they couldn't hear. And, we had to leave them behind because there wasn't a hearing aid that could help them"

Despite the challenges, Dr. Mansour-Shousher already has their next trip planned for this August, and the look on the childrens' faces makes it all worth it.

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