Local veterans sound off on VA scandal

The scandal involving VA hospitals continues to grow over delays processing medical and disability claims. Now, local veterans are sounding off on the scandal.


he investigation into delayed medical care and cover ups continues to grow for the department of veterans affairs.

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across the country are being investigated.


he scandal started when it was discovered that more than 3 dozen vets died waiting for care at a VA medical center in Phoenix.



e're all pretty disheartened about what's going on



says Korean veteran Bob Mendoza.


endoza gets his treatment from VA centers in Toledo and Ann Arbor. "Unfortunately, it happened to them. Fortunately, I've been getting good treatment from Ann Arbor and also from our satellite here in Toledo. So, I can't complain too much about what I get," adds Mendoza.

The veteran has gotten items
such as new glasses, shoes and medications. Things aren't perfect though, he also got a disappointment on Thursday, "They cancelled my one appointment from July to maybe October or September. So, I'll be waiting a long time to see them."


ong wait times are nothing new for Toledoan Vicki Ramasocky. Her husband is an army veteran. They spend part of the winter in Florida. When they visited a VA facility there, they submitted medical documents, "we got that sent it in and haven't heard anything since."

Ramasocky says nearly two years has passed and they still haven't heard anything. M

eanwhile, Mendoza hopes things improve. "It can always be done better. every place you go can be done better."


resident Obama promises to take action against those responsible for the problems at the VA.