Local Winners of Severe Weather Awareness Contest

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The Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness announced the winners for their annual state wide poster contest. Several winners came right from northwest Ohio including the student who took home first place.

Macy Ladd is artistic student at Put-N-Bay school who was encouraged to enter Ohio’s Severe Weather Awareness poster contest. The idea for her poster came from reading a book about lightning where she stumbled upon the word conductor. Macy decided to make a play on words with conductor and instructor coming up with the safety slogan of “Be An Instructor Not A Conductor.” Her rhyme reminds people what to do when lightning flashes striking Macy with a first place win!

Macy showcased her artistic abilities by using techniques she learned in art class with water resistant supplies. She used several different mediums including crayons, pastels, water colors and paint to illustrate her poster.

An additional 38 students from 24 different Ohio schools were honored as regional winners including Lucas counties Karlee Mitchell from Door Elementary.

Karlee’s weather safety advice came from her knowledge of winter weather. She drew several scenarios about the dangers of being in the cold with her safety slogan “Think Twice Before Going On The Ice”

All the winners were announced at the Ohio State Fair where the contestants received backpacks filled with prizes including a certificate from the national weather service.

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