Locals react to Kasich's state of the state speech

Tuesday evening in Lima Governor Kasich delivered his state of the state address in which he touted his administration's successes in his first two years. Mr. Kasich indicated that the state has $1.9 billion in its rainy day fund and that more than 120,000 new jobs have been added. Lucas County Democratic Chairman Ron Rothenbuhler says he would like to see even more new jobs added in Ohio. "I'd like to see better than 6.7% unemployment, though that is better than it has been and I would like to see more economic development," Mr. Rothenbuhler said. While praising the governor for expanding Medicaid to include an additional 400,000 residents, Rothenbuhler offered his opinion that the decision was made for political expediency. "Even though that may have been one of the motives, the most important thing is that it was the right thing to do for the people of the state of Ohio," Mr. Rothenbuhler said.

Maumee resident James Wolff, who was laid off from his job 3 days before Christmas, recognizes some improvement in the overall economy of the state but not necessarily for him and his family. "As a whole it may be improving ever so slightly but not enough to make an impact on my life," Mr. Wolff said.