Looters arrested in tornado-ravaged Lake Twp.

Adam Klier

Two Toledoans have been charged with looting in tornado-damaged Lake Township, while another suspect has been charged with inducing panic in the devastated community.

Adam Klier, 23, and Ashely Wills, 23, was stopped by Lake Township police Tuesday night after authorities say they were found with a trailer full of stolen material, allegedly taken from damaged sites within area. The pair was charged in connection with various scrap metal looted from properties flattened in Saturday night's tornadoes.

A third person, who identity has not been released, was arrested and chared late Tuesday for inducing panic in Millbury. The person is said to have blown up a pop bottle bomb in the town, forcing law enforcement to divert attention from storm clean-up.

Chief Mark Hummer of the Lake Township Police Department says a total of four people have been arrested for looting since the weekend storms. Some of them were picking up scrap metal from private property and they know better. We TMve announced that if you TMre not here to help or work we don TMt need you here, said Chief Hummer.