Lots of snow, no birdies at area golf courses

Residents enjoying an area golf course in better weather.

Prolonged wicked winter weather is tiring residents and causing a bit of anxiety for owners of seasonal recreational businesses.

Not one round of golf has been played at the Maple Grove Golf Course in 2014. Ed Ladd has been the course superintendent since the late 1990's. He walked the course on Monday and observed melting at a number of holes. After Wednesday's storm he's not sure when the course will be open for play.

"With the batting cages and the driving ranges and the course we are usually up and running by St. Patrick's Day," Mr. Ladd said.

Ladd says he needs several days of 40 degree temperatures with abundant sunshine for the course to accomodate play. "We could see it gone in four, five or six days, but it's 20 degrees at night and we're barely breaking 40 in the day," Mr. Ladd said.

A similar story is unfolding in a different sport. The University of Toledo men's baseball team is scheduled to begin their season on March 25.

Tim Warga, Assistant Athletic Director for Operations, says Wednesday's storm could hamper his crew's ability to get the field ready for play. "This last snow caught everybody by surprise, we'll see what happens," Mr. Warga.