Lucas Co. allows for adoption of pit bull puppies

Lucas County Commissions have voted unanimously to update policies on pit bulls.

Initially all dogs classified as pit bulls were euthanized under Lucas County dog warden Tom Skeldon. Skeldon resigned December 31st.

A pit bull is not an actual breed. It is a term used to describe a variety of breeds. Jean Keating of Ohio Coalition for Dog Advocates says that the county was unable to provide her with any information as to how dogs were determined to be pit bulls. John Dinon, executive director of the Toledo Area Humane Society adds that it TMs extremely difficult to positively identify the breed of a puppy that young.

This past fall Lucas County revised its policy. All puppies under the age of three months would not be euthanized but dogs classified as pit bulls were still not allowed to be adopted out. As a result, many pit bulls were kept for the three months then euthanized.

Yesterday TMs revision made it possible for Lucas County to transfer all healthy puppies to the Toledo Area Humane Society. Prior regulations currently prohibit the Toledo Area Humane Society from adopting out pit bull puppies. Dinon hopes that in the next couple of months their policy will change.

Until then pit bull puppies are passed off to foster parents. Keaning picked up the first litter the Toledo Area Humane Society received since the revision. The puppies were identified as being a pit bull type of dog. If that decision had not gone through yesterday he and seven others would TMve been held until they were 12 weeks and then they would TMve been killed.

President of Lucas County Commissioners Pete Gerken and Commissioners Tina Skeldon Wozniak and Ben Konop all voted in favor of allowing pit bull puppies to be transferred to the Toledo Area Humane Society.