Lucas Co. animal cruelty officer educates kids about her profession

Schlib's first book in what she hopes to make a series.

Animal cruelty officers are not exactly known for having desirable jobs but one Toledo Area Humane Society officer wants to share the positives of her profession with the next generation.

At about 5'2", Nancy Schlib is not exactly an intimidating figure, though she often has to deal with some tough people. She says it is through kindness that she solves even the worst situations.

"If we can give them advice, give them some avenues of things that may help them to better care for the animals so they can keep their animal then it's a win-win situation and that's our goal," said Schlib.

In her four years on the job she has seen some pretty horrific cases of abuse and neglect. But she says it will not turn her away from her work.

"When I see that, if nothing else, it just kind of fuels the fire to do more," said Schlib.

She hopes to change the reputation of her profession.

"There are so many people that look at things and look at us in a negative way and there's so much positive that we do here," said Schlib.

She is highlighting the positive in a unique way: a children's book.

Animal Cop Adventures: Forrest the Hero tells the 100 % true story of one of her rescues--a skinny, chained dog that ended up saving the life of his new owner.

"The child was tangled up in a swing and he was choking--he couldn't scream. If it wasn't for Forrest being out there his mom wouldn't have even known," said Schlib.

She hopes to make this book just the first in a series.

"Just different cases that I've had I would think 'Oh this is really cute, this could be good," said Schlib.

NBC24 took a ride with "Officer Nan" and we got an idea of just how many stories she could eventually tell.

"My territory is up to the Michigan line, all the way over to the Fulton-Lucas line and all the way down to the Henry-Lucas line, down to U.S. 24, this side of the river and everything in between," said Schlib.

As we drove... she recalled a few.

"We recently had a call back there and that situation got taken care of," said Schlib. "Even though you might not see them again, you still kind of feel like you made a little bit of a friend there and it feels good."

Schlib says that people from any background can be guilty of animal cruelty and while abuse and neglect is hard on the eyes and the heart, she has a motto she sticks to.

"When the animals come to us, that's when the good things happen," said Schlib. "All the cruelty stops and we do our best to get them new homes, get them all fixed up and that's what we like to concentrate on."

And it is those good things that she hopes will continue to show up in her books: stories of something so bad, turning good.

"We've got more updated pictures of this horse because he finally has been adopted and he actually was at the Lucas County Fair and he actually won some blue ribbons," said Schlib.

Schilb is donating a portion of the sales of the books back to the Toledo-Area Humane Society. She is proud of the work they do there and says, without them, she would have nothing to write about.

Animal Cop Adventures: Forrest the H ero will be available in bookstores in March.

You can meet "Officer Nan" and get an early-release of her book at two upcoming book signings:

Saturday, Feb. 26th

12 p.m - 4 p.m at Coffee Gallery, 22 N. Third St., Waterville, OH

Friday, March 3rd

3 p.m. - 6 p.m. At Rover Come Over, 3955 Albon, Monclova, OH

You can also find an online audio version of the book CLICK HERE to access it.