Lucas Co. Board of Elections considers firing employees, not directors

The Lucas County Board of Elections met Tuesday to decide on a report recommending the termination of two directors.

Despite the Lucas County Board of Elections' refusal to fire two top staffers, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted ended oversight of the board on Tuesday.

Consultants from the Ohio Secretary of Stateâ??s office released a 10-page report on Monday recommending the termination of the boardâ??s director and deputy director due to poor management and the level of â??mistrust and paranoiaâ?? in the board.

At Tuesdayâ??s meeting, however, the board decided they would not fire director Meghan Gallagher or deputy director Dan DeAngelis. Instead, they considered firing all employees under the board and making them reapply for their jobs, but the proposal was tabled until next monthâ??s meeting.

Husted criticized the board for being dysfunctional in the months leading up to the 2012 presidential election and thus appointed two elections administrators to oversee operations. With the end of this oversight, the board regains full control of future decision making.


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