Lucas Co. Jail in the dark

The jail has nine levels, including 6 inmate housing floors.

Electrical crews have been working to restore power Wednesday morning at the Lucas County Corrections Center.

The facility lost power Tuesday around 6:30 p.m. According to Toledo Edison officials, crews are fixing an electrical problem at the Ohio Building, which tripped an electrical feeder.

Crews said if a new transformer has to be installed, it could take up to four hours before power is back on.

Back up generators provided the sheriff's office with light. "Extra security measures have been put in place until the power is restored," Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp said.

Toledo Police dispatch reports that their officers were asked to assist jail staff with securing the outside of the jail around 6:45 p.m. An hour later, the majority of those officers had returned to regular duty.

TPD officers did not enter the jail, at any time, and were only asked to stand-by as corrections officers secured prisoners.

According to one report, the jail's backup generators did not function at the time of the outage.

Emergency lights are reportedly working, but the outage is impacting the entire jail. Phone lines are not working at the sheriff's office.

The outage is also preventing the intake of new prisoners.

A plan has been put into place to hold incoming inmates in patrol cars, outside of the facility. Sheriff Tharp told WNWO those prisoners were brought back inside and are currently sitting in holding as this morning.

The jail has nine levels, including 6 inmate housing floors. The building holds about 346 inmates, and a booking area holds about 51 inmates.