Lucas Co. plans to increase dog adoptions

County Commissioner Pete Gerken and Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon has a proposal to expand the relationship between the Dog Warden Department and the Toledo Area Humane Society to promote the adoption of dogs.

Gerken discussed this proposal with the Dog Warden, leaders of the Dog Warden Advisory Committee and humane animal organizations to increase adoption rates which will lower euthanasia rates.

The discussion resulted in strong ideas for the Dog Warden department, Gerken said.

I think we are moving in a very positive direction as it pertains to adoptions and I look forward to working with the Humane Society and the Dog Warden Advisory Committee to implement these ideas in the coming weeks, Gerken said.

The proposal would give the Humane Society a chance to review all non-vicious dogs impounded in the Dog Warden Department after the 3 and 14 day holding periods provided by law.

After the review, the Dog Warden would transfer all dogs to the Humane Society that it believes are adoptable. The Society would use their own adoption criteria to determine whether or not a dog is fit or safe for adoption.

The County will continue to work with the Dog Warden Advisory Committee on this proposal, focusing on ways to achieve their common goals.

---Victoria Bouttavong