Lucas County Board of Elections in trouble

"At the last minute, the republican side locked it and threw out two locations that weren't even available," says County Commissioner Pete Gerken, referring to the Boards inablility to agree on an early voting location.

Thr Republicans and Democrats are going tit-for-tat about who is to blame for the communication gap, each side saying the other is to blame.

"Pete wants to get it all downtown. I understand that. That would benefit the Democratic party," says John Marshall, who is running against Gerken for the Lucas County Commissioner seat.

Now because of the division in the Board of Elections, the Secretary or State has sent a letter scathing the entire board.

In the letter, Jon Husted says, "I have devoted an inordinate amount of time to mediating the personal and political squabbles of the Lucas County Board of Elections."

He later called the board dysfunctional.

"I've been an elected official since 1996... and I've never seen any partisan politics get into the Board of Elections until this term," says Gerken.

Those who view this from the outside seem to just see a school-yard bickering match that cannot be resolved.

But with the S.O.C. now putting the board Director Meghan Gallagher and Deputy Director Dan DeAngelis on administrative oversight, they have someone looking over their shoulder throughout the entire work day.

Both have called the other out for their "lack of work." And now they are both going to be watched closely.