Lucas County Fair kicks off with an array of new events


Today was the official kick-off for a week full of fun and festivities at the Lucas County Fair. It is the 159th year for the fair, and the organizers purposefully included an array of events that will interest everyone

Dennis Lange, Director of Lucas County Fair, explained, “we’re an urban fair, and to attract the people here, we’ve got all the animals here. We just don’t have the quantities that some for the larger fairs do. I mean we’ve just got all kinds of different things going on for people. The rides. And the food, that’s the best part of it.”

One new event they introduced this year was the firefighter’s challenge: a timed relay race based on the activities of a fire fighter’s job. And local fire fighters say it actually gave a really good representation of their duties.

Brandon Case, a Firefighter/Paramedic for Defiance Fire Department, recalled, “me and another member on my team we’ve actually had a victim rescue from a house fire a couple years ago. So the dummy drag will obviously simulate that. We force doors all the time.”

Civilian participants say it gave them a new appreciation for their local firefighters.

Luke Ryan participated in the challenge, and gained a whole new level of respect for the challenges of a firefighter.

“I think a lot of people can walk away from this event and truly give the fireman a little bit more respect," he said. "They are really out there saving lives, and man- their ability to do everything they are doing. Just- truly appreciative and truly appreciate them.”

The real kicker? Participants have to wear the full 35 lb. uniform.

Ryan exclaimed, “It’s hot! It’s hot and of course this is the summertime and they are still wearing the gear. And they don’t feel anything. They’re like ‘oh, we’re good,’ and they’re not even sweating.”

And this event was just the first of many new additions to come to the fair.

Ryan went on to add, “I am definitely looking forward to a lot of new events. Of course the fair has done a lot of new ones this year. From not only the fireman’s challenge, tomorrow is the human tug of war, and I’m really looking forward to the rodeo.”

The tug-of-war is Wednesday at 7 PM, and the rodeo will be Thursday at 7:30 PM. Additionally, Tug-a-tractor will be held Saturday at 4 PM, and there will be multiple Air Dog shows throughout the weekend.

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