Lucas County Jail back at full power

<p> <font size="2">Tharp says it could be years before the county gets a new jail.</font> </p>

The lights are back on at the Lucas County Jail after almost 24 hours without power.

A spokesperson for Toledo-Edison says equipment and communication issues caused a delay in the restoration.

The jail was running on an emergency system since the outage. Generators provided enough power to open the electronic doors but not enough to run the elevators.

â??We were put in a situation where we could not take inmates to court this morning because the elevators werenâ??t working,â?? Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp said.

Toledo-Edison was working on a power line Tuesday night when a power surge caused the outage. They spent all day today restoring the power.

The entire buildingâ??including the Sheriffâ??s officeâ??has been closed.

Toledo resident Lonnie El went to the Sheriffâ??s office to make a correction to his birth certificate. He was turned away at the door.

â??I was confused. And Iâ??m still confused," El said.

Sheriff Tharp says this adds to the long-list of problems of the facility. He says that's why Lucas County needs a new jail.

The surge did cause an outage in other downtown buildings, but heâ??s adding this to a list of problems at the jail that includes busted pipes, leaking roofs and faulty elevators.

â??Weâ??ve had so many problems in the past,â?? he said. â??Itâ??s just another problem. Yes, itâ??s frustrating, but we have to deal with it.â??

Tharp says it could be years before the county gets a new jail.