Lucas County looking at 2 year waiting list for Section 8

At a Thursday meeting at the Lucas County Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA) on South Byrne Road in Toledo, about 70 people took the final steps to getting their long awaited Section 8 housing voucher.

They're filling out the necessary paperwork to begin looking for an apartment or house for rent that the government will help pay for.

These people have been waiting for their names to be pulled from the list of Section 8 applicants for over two years, longer than usual because of the recession.

In around April of 2009 we actually stopped pulling people from the waiting list. We did not have the funding available to support the vouchers so we had to stop pulling applications and so we just started back this year, said Linnie Willis, Executive Director for LMHA.

We've been waiting so long for this. It's finally here and we're going to get it done today, said an excited Tricia Peace, a single mom who currently shares a one bedroom apartment with her 13 year old son.

If you think the long waiting lists are isolated to Northwest Ohio, think again.

In Lucas County the wait for Section 8 is about two years.

That's the same in Dayton.

The waiting list in Columbus is even longer, three years.

It's a hard time to be hard up all across the state, but today on South Byrne Road, there TMs a glimmer of hope for those folks whose wait is finally over.

For more information about LMHA TMs voucher program you can visit their website at: