Lucas County Pit Crew works to find homes for pit bulls

Presley the pit bull pup is looking for a good home.

Pit bulls have been removed from the state's definition as a vicious dog. The Lucas County Pit Crew is working hard to foster pit bulls that can be adopted into loving families.

Jean Keating is part of The Lucas County Pit Crew and said the change in the states definition is one step closer to ending breed discrimination.

"I challenge anyone who thinks these dogs are vicious animals to spend some time with our dogs," said Keating. "They would find them to be loving animals."

"Our community has killed thousands of innocent dogs and puppies because of their appearance. Thanks to an outcry from the citizens of Lucas County, this senseless slaughter has ended." said the Lucas County Pit Crew website.

The Lucas County Pit Crews dogs are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, and up to date on vaccines. Their pit bulls enter foster families where the dogs learn obedience and how to live peacefully with other pets and children.

They have lots of pit bulls that are ready for adoption and you can see a list of those dogs on their website.