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      Lucas County woman victim of Cyclospora outbreak

      A L ucas County woman is a confirmed victim of the outbreak of a stomach virus that has sickened people all over the country.

      T hat stomach bug is called Cyclospora. It's believed in some cases it comes from pre-packaged salad mix. So far, it has sickened more than 178 people in 15 states.

      N ot much is known about the case of Cyclospora in Lucas County except the victim is a 63 year old woman according to the Ohio Department of Health.

      E ric Zgodzinski with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department says one way to avoid illness is wash your food, "take care of the produce itself, make sure you wash vigorously. When you scrub things, scrub things."

      T his virus could last up to a month to two months according to health experts . The good news is this virus is treatable. If you think you have symptoms, contact your doctor.