MacQueenâ??s Orchard celebrates festive apple butter

Caramel apples

There were many events that took place on the last day of the 32nd annual Apple Butter festival at MacQueenâ??s Orchard in Holland, on Sunday, October 06.

Horse and buggy rides, live music, apple picking, apple cider making, a barrel train ride and many apple products including caramel apples, apple fritters, doughnuts and of course, apple butter, were all a part of the Apple Butter festival.

Orchard owner, Bob MacQueen, mentioned how the festival first started, saying, "we started to get some notoriety 32 years ago and this festival kept getting bigger and bigger and biggerâ?¦ we have had big crowds for 32 years, people come from out of town with their parents who come on out."

MacQueen said that with three generations behind him, he is sure that the festival will continue.