Mad dad shoots daughter's laptop to make a point

Parents have their breaking points. This we know.

But when one father got wind of what his daughter had posted on Facebook about him and his wife...he took to extreme measures to make a point.

*(Know before you watch the YouTube video that he repeats a few swear


and below.)*

According to dad, his daughter had taken to Facebook to rant about having to do chores around the home. In the process she called her parents "lazy" and went off on them for making her "clean up after them". decided to record a response and post it to YouTube with the following description: â??Parents and Kids... watch. Today was probably the most disappointing day of my life as a father and I don't know how to correct the situation. Since I can't seem to make any headway with my daughter on Facebook, I chose instead to remedy the problem permanently.â??

After reading his daughter's Facebook proceeds to take out his .45 handgun and fires several shots through the offending daughter's laptop...rendering it useless.

The internet erupted with responses both for and against the dad's antics.

Lisa Belkin, a columnist for the Huffington Post took issue with the move, saying "What we have here is a father acting like a 15-year-old and wondering where she gets it from. I bet it felt good -- just like her letter to you felt like a load lightened to her -- but now you have to deal with the fallout from your adult-with-a-camera-and-a-gun version of a temper tantrum."

But many of the comments attached to the YouTube video are quite supportive of the father's extreme measures.

They include "Shouldn't let your kids step all over you. Good job dad!", and "Love this guy. Parents these days are idiot wusses. Kids have run rampant."

One commented "I just showed this to my 16 year old son. He has worked since he was 13. Sometimes it is community service but he gets paid most of the time and during the spring and summer goes to the races with his boss(our neighbor).... Jed has bought his own clothes, game systems, video games and occasionally helped the family with money for groceries. All without being asked to."

The video was posted Wednesday...and by late Friday, it had been viewed over two-million time.

Did this dad go too far? Or is he on the money? "Fire away" with your comments.