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      Main Street opens doors for Small Business Saturday

      Mom-and-pop stores opened their doors for hometown discounts on Small Business Saturday.

      Grey Thursday and Black Friday are in the rear-view mirror, and Small Business Saturday belonged to Main Street. Shoppers like Sue and Fred Nottke drove from Huron, Ohio to take advantage of the friendly, small-town service in Perrysburg.

      â??Itâ??s the service, the variety, and Iâ??m old enough to remember when it used to be that way,â?? said Fred Nottke. Sue Nottke added, â??We like the cooking shop, we can pick things up there, and we also like the gourmet burgers at Perryâ??s Burgers.â??

      As the Nottkes combed through the clothing store â??Ragazza,â?? employees explained how the threads in the store are woven into the fabric of downtown Perrysburg.

      â??The small businesses are really like the backbone,â?? said Maggie Kelly, an employee at Ragazza. She continued, â??Ragazza and other stores on Louisiana Avenue are local and they need a lot of support and everything so they can keep running.â??

      Womenâ??s boutiques Sophia Lustig and Sophieâ??s Sister have remained competitive in Toledo for decades. Managers say the difference between them and big box stores like Macyâ??s and Kohlâ??s is personal customer service.

      â??They just donâ??t provide what we can provide down here,â?? said Susan Wilson, Manager at Sophieâ??s Sister. She added, â??And thatâ??s a personal touch.â??

      The doors along Main Street will remain open as long as customers are willing to trade their money for service-with-a-smile.