Major roadwork, major pains on I-75

Area motorists are bracing for more traffic delays as a major construction project got underway on I-75 Monday.

The project will revamp the DiSalle Bridge on I-75 between Wales Road and South Avenue.

The bridge, riddled with potholes, will get deck overlay repair as part of the construction. The project would not have happened had it not been for funding from the federal stimulus.

"You can't have a gain for the community without a little bit of pain. We're working our hardest to keep the pain as slight as we can," said David Dysard of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

The $10.2 million project includes 4.7 million federal stimulus dollars. That is just some of the close to $41 million in federal funding that Northwest Ohio has been promised for road repair.

ODOT says the project will also provide new jobs for the area. 85 to 90 workers will be on the construction project job. ODOT says companies supplying concrete and steel will also benefit.

The roadwork is expected to be complete by summer 2010.

NBC24 anchor/reporter Arielle Berlin contributed to this story.