Makeover for Northwest District station now in progress

Mayor Collins plans for the station to open for April 1.

City employees have begun making repairs to the Northwest District police station.

Re-opening the station was a key campaign promise made last year by then-candidate Michael Collins. Collins promised the station would be back in operation within the first 100 days of his term if he were elected.

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Paul Nelson lives one block away from the station. "I think it's good to have it in the area; quicker response time is a main advantage," Nelson said.

The station is located in the district represented by City Councilman Tom Waniewski. He says having the station operational will be good for the neighborhood.

"While the building itself does not prevent crime, it does bring a sense of security to the neighbors," Waniewski said.

The station was closed in June 2012. Former Toledo Mayor Mike Bell said the move was made to save the city money.

City council approved legislation that allotted $100,000 to make repairs to the building for the purpose of re-opening it. The cost to taxpayers has now risen to $120,000.

Mayor Collins plans for the station to open for April 1.